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Prof. Guy Bar-Oz

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Prof. Guy Bar-Oz is an expert on the cultural and biological heritage of ancient Israel. His primary interests are in developing and applying novel methods for reconstructing in high resolution the culture and environmental landscape of extinct/past societies. In the last few years, his leading research has concentrated on human impact on ancient environments and the collapse and resilience of past societies in marginal environments.


Prof. Guy Bar-Oz is the recipient of three consecutive ERC grants. His most recent ERC Advanced Grant (2024-2029) was awarded to support advanced research on reviving ancient varieties of fruit trees that once thrived in the Israeli desert. Ancient fruit trees are living archaeological relics that contain important information on traditional and sustainable horticulture that can be relevant to today’s climate challenges.

There is a lot of new information available regarding our Negev Wine Revival project
Meiri, M. and Bar-Oz, G. 2024. Unraveling the diversity and cultural heritage of fruit crops through paleogenomics.Trends in Genetics

New publications

Our book The Silent Testimony of The Desert Kites: Hunting and Extinction in the Deserts of the Middle East (in Hebrew) is out soon
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